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ADNA Watch Incident Sharing
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For privacy reasons, we will not be posting specific addresses or the names of suspected individuals.

To protect the privacy and dignity of the individuals involved, these posts are edited for content by the ADNA Neighborhood Watch Committee prior to posting.  For similar reasons, comments are turned off.

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Incidents Shared in 2023
(with most recent at the top)

~week of 8/1323 - 8/20/23

828 had two break-ins over the last week with some damage to their security system. During the repair, security company was able to activate some existing lighting and speakers into the system.

828 would like the neighbors to let them know of any noise or lighting complaints coming from our property. Email

The security company mentioned that they could turn down the speakers if they are too loud and could angle the lights differently. These noise and lighting security features should only turn on when someone is trespassing on the 828 property. The noise feature has two components – a regular alarm sound and a voice informing the trespasser of their unwanted presence. The speakers are on the inside and outside of the building and can be controlled remotely.

Reports Shared in 2022

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