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Watch Alerts

Given ADNA's proximity to downtown Las Cruces, we experience a lot of activity in the neighborhood. Through ADNA Alerts, we are able to communicate immediate concerns with each other (after calling 911 of course).


If you are interested in receiving text messages, emails or voicemails about safety and crime incidents in the Alameda Depot, the new ADNA online membership form will allow you to select your preferred methods of communication.

  • Text messages will be sent using Remind.  After indicating you want text messages on your membership form, you will be sent a text to subscribe to the text group.  It may take up to a week after you complete the membership form to get you subscribed.

  • Email messages will be combined into a weekly email, unless something very serious has happened.

  • Voicemail messages to landlines will be provided to our senior residents via a phone tree.  Please do not request voicemail messages unless you are unable to receive text messages.


In addition, you can report an incident with this quick form and that information will be posted on the on the WatchShare page.  For privacy reasons, we will not be posting specific addresses or the names of suspected individuals.

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