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Neighborhood Watch

Per the LCPD website, "Neighborhood Watch is a community policing partnership program that rapidly expanded nationwide in the 1970s to combat significant increases in residential crime."  The successful watch program depends on neighbors to watch the area for unusual activities or suspicious behavior and to immediately contact the police. By taking on a watching role, we can discourage crime and reduce the fear of crime.  This is something we can all do and do without taking personal risk.

The Neighborhood Watch is striving to implement four goals:

  1. Increase watchfulness amongst our residents to foster safety, security and community.

  2. Provide real time communication about incidents in the Alameda Depot to increase safety and immediate assistance.

  3. Share information about incidents to gather community safety information to help ADNA advocate for resources.

  4. Collect resources that help ADN home owners understand basic property safety strategies. 


The ADNA Neighborhood Watch is organized by an Ad-Hoc Committee of the larger ADNA Neighborhood Association.  You can volunteer to help with Neighborhood Watch here or sign-up for Watch Alerts here.



Sign up to send or receive Alerts about incidents in progress.



What to watch for at your home and your neighbors.

Coming Soon!

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